W2 [dıˈkleə US -ˈkler] v
1¦(state officially)¦
2¦(state what you think)¦
3 declare war (on somebody/something)
4¦(money/property etc)¦
5 declare an interest
Phrasal verbs
 declare against somebody/something
 declare for somebody/something
[Date: 1300-1400; : Latin; Origin: declarare, from clarare 'to make clear']
to state officially and publicly that a particular situation exists or that something is true
A state of emergency has been declared.
declare that
The court declared that Brown's case should be reviewed.
declare sth (to be) sth
Several countries wanted Antarctica to be declared a 'world park'.
The city was declared to be in a state of siege.
I declare you man and wife.
declare sth illegal/invalid etc
The war was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice.
Mr Steel has been declared bankrupt (=it has been officially stated that he cannot pay his debts) .
We celebrate September 16, the day when Mexico declared independence from Spain (=officially stated that it was no longer ruled by Spain) .
to say publicly what you think or feel
'It's not fair,' Jane declared.
He declared his intention to stand for president.
declare that
Carol held a press conference and declared that she was innocent.
declare yourself (to be) sth
Edward declared himself angry and frustrated.
3.) declare war (on sb/sth)
a) to state officially that you are at war with another country
b) informal to say that something is wrong and that you will do everything you can to stop it
Angry residents have declared war on the owners of the factory.
a) to state on an official government form how much money you have earned, what property you own etc
All tips are counted as part of your earnings and must be declared.
b) to tell a customs official that you are carrying goods on which you should pay tax when you enter a country
5.) declare an interest
to tell people that you are connected with something that is being discussed
I should, at this point, declare an interest: I own shares in the company.
6.) ¦(CRICKET)¦
to choose to end your team's turn before all your players have batted
declare against / [declare against sb/sth] [i]phr v
to state that you oppose someone or something
declare for / [declare for sb/sth] phr v
to state that you support someone or something

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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